Sten-Anders Fellman in short




University of  Stockholm, Degree of Master of Science in Business Administration and Economics.  78-81
Senior High School, Economy 73-75



Self employed (Bohena AB), economy & management consulting, business angel and more 01-
Dynarc AB, CFO 00-02
Entra Data AB, CFO, CEO, etc. 86-00
Habia Teknofluor AB, CFO  84-86
Philips Elektronikidustrier AB, Head of budget &  accounts department  81-84
University of  Stockholm, administrator, part-time  78-81
Glasmästarna Fellman & Co AB, Accounting and glazier 75-78
Trygg Hansa, Sale of property insurance, part-time 75-76
At sea on an oil tanker and also on cruise ships 70-73
Salesclerk 69-70



In my company Bohena AB I mainly work with reconstruction of companies in trouble but also as CFO for hire and project management. I am also distributor of UltraLight aircrafts to the Nordic market, read more at Another area is that we sell equipment for dredging, read more at  Bohena also goes in as an investor with seed money in start up companies and then work close with them on a day to day basis.

Joined Dynarc in February 2000 to help them go public. We was setting up the company to comply with the requirements of both Stockholm Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. The plan changed and we founded the company via a 55 MUSD private placement instead. As many other companies in the Telecom sector, Dynarc filed for bankruptcy in May 2002.

During my 14 years at Entra as CFO I was also head of administration in the parent and all subsidiaries. From time to time I was CEO in subsidiaries in UK, Finland and Sweden. I was in the board of directors of Entra as secretary for all years and also member of the board in many subsidiaries (when I left Entra we had 25 subsidiaries). I helped Entra go public on the Stockholm Stock Exchange 1997. Investor Relations and contacts with the Stock Exchange was just daily work from that time. Entra is a software company in the e-Finance Solutions industry and have today changed name to Tieto Enator Financial Solutions. Read more about Entra at

I also served for many years as chairman and president of the Computer Consultant Association, which is today a council within the Association of the Swedish IT and Telecom Industry.  Read more at

Philips and  Habia was in the engineering industry. The Philips factory mainly worked for the defence industry had 2000 employees and a turnover of MUSD 150. Habia produced lot of different things in Teflon, had 120 employees and a turnover of MUSD 7.

As a hobby project since a couple of years I am CEO in a small investment company and chairman of the board in the only company we own today. It is a small company selling everything a glazier needs, 19 employees, MUSD 5,2 in turnover and a yearly profit of MUSD 0,9. Read more at

Other projects where I am an investor and also in the advisory board is AttendBlue AB, Tailoronline ( Year 2000 - 2002 I was member of the board of directors of Visual Wireless AB ( Since year 2002 I am a member of the board of directors in a very successful company that develop and sell software to real-estate companies, Momentum AB

A new hobby since spring year 2000 is to fly an incredible machine, a Flying Inflatable Boat. More about that on my home page . Another hobby is being Webmaster for the J. P. Johansson museum - he was one of the foremost inventors in Sweden. His most well known inventions are the pipe wrench (1888) and the adjustable wrench (1892), of which most of us have an example in our toolbox. Read more at

I am 52 years old, born and raised on a farm in Åland (small archipelago between Sweden and Finland). Moved to Sweden 1973 after that both my parents drowned in an ice accident. Married with Anita and have three kids, Erik 22, Hanna 27 and Renée 34.


To be able to contribute tangibly to the success of an organization, be wealthy and enjoy myself in the process.


26 years of Strong accounting & finance skills covering start up and pre & post IPO companies. I am looking to join or just help an organization where I can repeat past successes. The combination of having a strong accounting & finance background coupled with having a good hands on grasp of technology makes me I believe a strong player for any company.

Stockholm April 2007

Sten-Anders Fellman

Address:    Marsvägen 6, S-177 61 Järfälla, Sweden

Phone:        +46 702 61 21 27